Einstein and the Doves of Deimos

This book is suitable for all curious young minds aged from 12 to 100.

Accompany the author on a brief trip to the planet Deimos in a parallel universe where, quite literally, time flies.

Take a light-hearted look at its irritable King, the obsessive Chief Scientist and the kindly General, as they wrestle with a series of baffling problems.

When the King orders his troops to ride in formation while they execute a series of precise manoeuvres at the Grand Parade, he and the General have opposing views on how well they have performed them.

It’s down to the Chief Scientist, with the help of some Magic Doves, to explain why the King and the General have such differing points of view about the same events.

Coincidentally, the problems the Chief Scientist solves turn out to be the very same ones that Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity solved back here on Earth more than one hundred years ago.